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INFANT BAPTISM (for children under the age of 5)

Any parent or adult who wishes to have their child baptized at St. Jean’s must stop at the parish office to register or call at (212) 288-5082. After registering the couple will be required to attend a class and a schedule will be given. Godparents: A godparent for an infant must be a practicing Catholic and have received Confirmation. Parents and godparents must attend a class to prepare for the Baptism. Please contact the Parish Office to register for the class. When the above steps have been completed, the Parish Office will assist the couple in scheduling a private baptism.

BAPTISM (school age children)

Any child of school age who has not been baptized must receive private religious education classes for at least a year before being baptized.


Most baptized children receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion after a minimum of two years of faithful attendance at Religious Education, or Catholic private school instruction no matter what their age. The minimum age for Reconciliation is 8 years old. During their second year of religious education for public school children (or after the second year of private school) the children are prepared to receive their first Reconciliation or Confession. Parents are required to attend a specialized meeting before their child receives this sacrament. Confession takes place during class time in the church. The parents are invited to a special scheduled meeting during that time.


Children in the program who have already received their First Holy Communion are brought during class time to receive Reconciliation at least once a year


After First Reconciliation, the catechists prepare the children for First Holy Communion which takes place in the spring of their second year of Religious Education. Dates for the First Holy Communion are released in the fall of the second year. Parents are required to attend a First Holy Communion meeting and bring the children to two practices and continue to support what they are learning at home (See Handbook for more information). Contact: Parish Office – (212) 288-5082 Email: info@sjbny.org


All children who have studied all seven years of required curriculum, and done required assignments will be eligible for Confirmation in eighth grade. Eighth graders and high school children who register for Religious Education for the first time, or after a long absence will be assigned classes on an individual basis. Confirmation for eligible elementary school age children is celebrated by the Bishop eighth grade. High school children receive at the Easter Vigil. (See Handbook for more information).